Does NOT Require Access To Target Phone! All You Need Is Their Phone Number... Monitor Texts, Calls, GPS... Everything
Only $27.00 (One-Time Fee LIFETIME)

Monitor ANY cell phone

This software installs on YOUR phone, NOT the target phone. Once the software is on your phone simply call your child or employee's phone number and the software will automatically install on the PHONE YOU CALLED. By far the most amazing and unique cellular phone spy software application on the market.

This software will even install if the phone is not anwered! This fantastic software installs on all cell phones and even works if the cell phone is password protected or turned off.

How It Works

  1. Purchase the software and you will be automatically be sent to the instant download page.
  2. Download the software to your computer.
  3. Follow the instructions and place the software on your phone. (NOT the phone you want to monitor)
  4. Call the phone number that you need to monitor. The software automatically installs on the phone you called.
  5. Get a buzz every time the target phone is used. Monitor all calls - Live. Monitor texts, GPS and more.
    Works on ANY Cell Phone those other so called "mobile spy apps" only work on iphone and android and need to be jailbroken and rooted, that's nonsense.
  • Monitors Multiple Phones at the same time - The other products are $99.00 per license, forget that!
  • Same Technology Used By Law Enforcement - This is a fact, they don't use those lame expsensive apps mentioned above.
  • Works if Target Phone is Locked - Those other apps require you to have target phone, try prying a phone from a teen's hand.
  • Easy 5 Min Install - So easy, you will be amazed that you only paid $27.00
  • Works on Pre Paid Phones - None of the other apps can do this
  • Works in Any Country and in All 50 States - No carrier limitations
  • 100% Undetectible - Amazing stealth technology, this is a CIA grade secret spy tool
  • Does Not Require Access to The Target Phone - Unheard of for this type of spy product
  • No Monthly Fee's or Additional Costs - Small one-time $27.00 fee
  • Alerts - Your Phone Will Buzz If Target Phone Is Used


This is a NO RISK PURCHASE! 100% Money Back Guarantee.