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Mobile Spy is the next generation of smartphone spy software. Do you suspect your child or employee is abusing their SMS or vehicle privileges? If yes, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small program directly onto the compatible smartphone you wish to monitor to begin recording.

Using the Internet capabilities of your phone, recorded activities, logs and GPS locations are quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy account. To view the results, you simply login to your secure account at the Mobile Spy web site. Logs are displayed by categories and sorted for easy browsing.

For a small fee you will also be able to see the phone's screen and location on a map LIVE. You can then view phone info instantly and remotely control the device. The add-on also allows you to have your logs emailed to you.

The software is completely stealth and works independently. Mobile Spy does not rely on the phone's call and message logs to record activities. So even if the user tries to delete their tracks, the data will still be retained and uploaded. Compatible with most models of iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones! Also compatible with Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS.

How it Works
This new technology might sound complicated but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how the entire process works.

Silently monitor your child or employee's text messages, GPS locations, calls, photos and more!
View Phone's Screen Live
text message icon RECORD SMS MESSAGES
Text Messages Sent and Received
web activity icon MONITOR WEB ACTIVITY
URLs Visited in Mobile Web Browser
Record Photos and Videos Taken
phone calls icon LOG PHONE CALLS
Calls Dialed and Received on Device
See Contacts Saved On Phone
GPS Locations Tracked
See Inbound and Outbound Emails

Check out how writer Roy Furchgott described Mobile Spy in The New York Times
"Once installed on a phone, Mobile Spy remains hidden but logs calls and texts to Mobile Spy's server. Then the snoop can log in and see a complete record of incoming and outgoing calls, the time and duration of the calls, and read text messages both sent and received."

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12 Month Cell/Mobile Spy w/ LIVE Control Panel $129.97

Purchase 3 Month Plan $49.97
Purchase 6 Month Plan $69.97
Purchase 12 Month Plan $99.97

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